After a number of delays the C19PC P Member’s Assembly is proceeding on Saturday 30 May at 2pm.

Draft Programme

14h00-14h05: Welcome
14h05-14h10: Tribute to HIV activist
14h10-14h30: History of the Coalition; process, purpose, transparency
14h30-15h00: Lived experiences: The struggle under the shadow of Covid-19
15h00-15h45: Reflections from some C19PC Working Groups
15h45-16h00: BREAK
16h00-17h00: Political orientation of the Coalition.
17h00-17h50: Building campaigns through solidarity
17h50-18h00: Summary of Assembly & Closing

Member organisations can SPVP here:

The 1st Members Assembly will focus on the pandemic and the C19PC response. We will get analysis and progress reports from Working Groups, then members will discuss the context and identify priorities and campaigns to take the Coalition forward.

We will continue to engage issues of structure, shared politics, principles & activist conduct in Working Groups and bring consensus/debates to the next Members Assembly.

Because we are still developing our decision making mechanisms, this will not be a decision making meeting, but rather an open discussion. 

This will be the first of many Members Assemblies.



Contributions have been shared in response to these questions:

  • How do we understand the unfolding pandemics (virus, hunger, unemployment, gendered violence, state repression, etc)?
  • What principles & strategy inform our response?
  • How do we centre working class & feminist politics?
  • How do we centre mass-based organisations & movements?
  • How do we relate to the inequity between activists and between organisations?
  • How do we best structure ourselves to enable transparency, democratic accountability, and coordination – while also enabling responsive activist lead initiative?
  • Do we need a secretariat? If so, what capacity should it have?

Here’s the list of documents: 

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