Access to COVID-19 vaccines Requires Urgency and Action

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The natural history of the Spanish Flu of 1918, that killed between 30 and 100 million people, shows us that the second wave of respiratory global pandemics can be more deadly. The new strains of the coronavirus appear to spread faster among young and old. A second wave has overwhelmed hospitals in the Cape and it will increasingly across the country. The second wave has dashed hopes for a quick, V-shaped economic recovery. We are now facing a W-shaped economic catastrophe.


The need for a comprehensive vaccine plan is urgent.


Humanity’s best hope for escaping the massive loss of life attributed to the 3-year Spanish Flu and the 40-year-long HIV pandemic is the rapid and global roll out of an equitable vaccination programme. Early studies have suggested that if rich countries stockpile vaccines, to the exclusion of the developing world, then the global vaccine programme will avert only half as many deaths. (1) While developing countries continue to battle the pandemic, the global economy will remain sluggish, with major consequences for people’s lives.


Despite these basic tenets of equity and good practice, the rich countries are stockpiling vaccines. By September, rich countries, including just 13 percent of the world’s population, had already cornered 51 percent of projected supplies. (2) We have the ludicrous situation that countries like Canada have pre-ordered five times more vaccine than needed for its population.


In early October, South Africa and India, in response to the refusal of big pharma to voluntarily share the intellectual property around COVID vaccines, called for global cooperation, unity and solidarity to meet the global health crisis challenge. They requested that the World Trade Organisation grant a waiver on intellectual property rights to allow for national governments to produce their own coronavirus vaccines. (3)


The United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union, alongside other rich countries, opposed the motion. They argued that medical breakthroughs require incentivization. What they don’t acknowledge is that these vaccines have been developed with public money, which has eliminated entrepreneurial risk and therefore any justification for entrepreneurial returns. The patents on vaccines only serve to entrench unjustified monopoly rents for big pharmaceutical companies.


Developing countries have even contributed by supporting clinical trials among their own populations. South Africa’s government, however, seems to have failed to capitalise on the contribution of South Africans by negotiating preferential access to supplies. Many similar countries, such as Argentina, Chile, and Mexico, have entered bilateral agreements with vaccine developers. They are currently rolling out vaccination programmes, but the South African government, for reasons that are unclear, has no public plan and has clearly fallen behind.


If we are to save the lives, we require immediate action. South Africa, India, and other developing countries have the power to override intellectual property rights by domestically producing vaccines. We must do so. We have to oppose the dead end politics of vaccine nationalism of the richer countries. This process  is fortunately now quietly underway. Astrazeneca has given both Brazil and India the rights to manufacture the vaccine at cost price. The Serum Institute in India from next week will be producing the vaccine from next week and will hopefully within a matter of weeks start providing South Africa with supply.


Given the President’s address on Monday evening we are forced to ask the question where and who are the vaccinologists in the Medical Advisory Committee advising our government. Without adequate knowledge of the vaccine landscape our government will be not prepared to start rolling out the vaccine once it arrives in the country. We insist government must as a matter of urgency devise and announce a roll out plan.


Lives have to come before profits if we are to stop millions of unnecessary deaths. South Africa must as a matter of urgency rebuild its own capacity to manufacture its own vaccines, in the time of pandemics, nothing less  will amount to criminal neglect.


Millions of lives have been saved during the HIV pandemic by producing ARVs locally. We have to do it again. We cannot abide a situation where health inequity is exacerbated by vaccines only being made available to those who have private health insurance. The first wave has shown that those most likely to be killed by COVID are the working poor who rely on public sector care. The second wave has confirmed this abhorrent reality.


No one is safe until we all have equitable access to vaccines, distributed democratically to those most at risk of contracting the virus and developing severe illness. We cannot standby while the excessive profits are made by pharmaceutical companies while condemning millions to preventable deaths.


That said we have an immediate problem where our Health Workers and most vulnerable need protection. To this end, the C19 Peoples’ Coalition will embark on an urgent process to build consensus with Public health professionals, doctors, nurses and progressive scientists to develop a plan around vaccines based on people’s needs, to ensure both urgent access and democratic distribution.

To add your support, and/or get involved in developing a Peoples’ Vaccine Plan, endorse here

For more information, please contact:
Sebei Mametlwe 081 368 0706
Rehad Desai 083 997 9204

Current Endorsements [updated periodically]

# Name Affiliation
1 Aasha Patel Individual
2 Abel Luiz Pereira Individual
3 Abigail Dreyer Individual
4 Adam Goodman Individual
5 Adam Levin Individual
6 Alex van den Heever Wits
7 Ali Hussein Individual
8 Alison Norton Individual
9 Alistair Calver Health care worker
10 Ameeta Singh Individual
11 Anand Govender JAI
12 Andrea Abbott Individual
13 Andrea Mendelsohn Individual
14 Andreas van den Heever Individual
15 Andrew Bannister Individual
16 Andrew Macaskill Individual
17 Andrew Rowland Individual
18 Andrew Spiegel Individual
19 Andries Dippenaar Individual
20 Andries du Toit Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies
21 Anita Graham Helen Joseph Pulmonology Department
22 Anna Stoddard Individual
23 Annalie Pistorius Individual
24 Anne Gaisford Anglican Diocese of Zululand
25 Annemarie Meyer Individual
26 Annemarie van de Vyver Individual
27 Annemarie van der Merwe HPCSA
28 Anthony Beeton Individual
29 Anthony Court Individual
30 Anthony Pillay PsySSA
31 Anthony Robertson Individual
32 Anthony Waldhausen Gay and Lesbian Network
33 Arne von Delft UCT School of Public Health and Family Medicine
34 Arnold Perumal Aqualoc
35 Ashleigh Prior Individual
36 Asisipho Mvana Equal Education
37 Aslam Dasoo Progressive Health Forum
38 Atiya Mosam Individual
39 Aubrey John Kleinsmidt Individual
40 Audrey Filander Individual
41 Avani Singh Shelly beach hospital
42 Axolile Notywala Individual
43 Barbara Furness Individual
44 Barbara Klugman Individual
45 Barbara Schuble Individual
46 Belinda Chapman Individual
47 Belinda Train Individual
48 Benoit Challand New School for Social Research
49 Beverley Hibbert Individual
50 Bhavesh Govan Individual
51 Bhugwan SIngh Individual
52 Bishop Jo Seoka CDTF and BMF
53 Bob Kelly Individual
54 Bob Ludlow Individual
55 Bojan Korda University of the Witwatersrand
56 Bonnie Berkowitz Individual
57 Brad Weare Individual
58 Bridget Impey Jacana Media
59 Brigitte Robertson Individual
60 C Fleming Individual
61 C Marais Individual
62 Carol baker Keiskamma trust
63 Caryn McNamara University of the Witwatersrand
64 Caterina Nicolaou Individual
65 Cedric de Beer Individual
66 Chantel Le Fleur-Bellerose Individual
67 Charl Hattingh Individual
68 Charlotte Corbett Individual
69 Cheryl Rodrigues Individual
70 Chris de Beer IPA
71 Chris Liebenberg Individual
72 Chris Williams Individual
73 Christopher Nwafor Citizens Network Africa
74 Christy Braham WIEGO
75 Claire Bless Individual
76 Claudette Jansen Van Vuuren Individual
77 Claudia Fo Vale Individual
78 Clinton Filen Individual
79 Colin Macey Individual
80 Colin Nates Donald Gordon hospital
81 Colin Young Individual
82 Colleen Crawford Cousins Individual
83 Colleen du Toit Individual
84 Coral Vinsen Amnesty International SA, Active Citizens’ movement
85 David McQuoid-Mason Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of KwaZulu-Natal
86 David Morrey Individual
87 David Rosenthal Individual
88 Dawn Silberbauer Individual
89 Deanna Carter Individual
90 Debbie Harrison TAC
91 Debby dare Individual
92 Debra Lamson University of the Western Cape
93 Deena Soliar UMTAPO Centre
94 Deepchund Ramchurren Individual
95 Denise Baisley Individual
96 Deon Mervyn Individual
97 Desmond Kegakilwe Individual
98 Desmond Petersen Individual
99 Devandra Naidoo Individual
100 Dhiru Soni Individual
101 Diana Edelstein Individual
102 Diane Cooper University of the Western Cape
103 Diane Jacobson Individual
104 Dilly Naidoo Individual
105 Dineo maphanga Individual
106 Diren Rampath Individual
107 Dominique le Grange Individual
108 Dorothy Mabelebele Individual
109 Dr Ahmed Manjra Individual
110 Dr Anish Ambaram Individual
111 Dr Dale T McKinley Individual
112 Dr Errol Kruger Individual
113 Dr Esthras Tlou Confidence Moloko Individual
114 Dr G Wolfson Health worker
115 Dr James Laing Individual medical practitioner
116 Dr Joanne Abrams Individual
117 Dr Mahmoud Youssef Baker Iqraa Trust South America
118 Dr Malcolm M Marrison Individual
119 Dr MKR Sifuba DPA
120 Dr RG Govender Medical GP
121 Dr S Mason University of the Witwatersrand
122 Dr van Dijk, Lutz Individual
123 Dr Victoria Stephen Gauteng Health
124 Dr Yahya Atiya University of the Witwatersrand
125 Dr. Niekie Van Aswegen ASIAPA
126 Dugal Harris Individual
127 Dumisani Masango Individual
128 Duncan Miller, PhD (UCT) Individual
129 Dylan Moodley Individual
130 Ebrahim Variava Clinician in government sector
131 Elizabeth Jansen van Vuuren Individual
132 Elizabeth Ritchie Individual
133 Elroy Van Reenen Individual
134 Emille Reid Dr EG Reid Inc
135 Emmanuel M Kabuzi Individual
136 Emmanuel Ogbuabo Individual
137 Emrald Genade Department of Health
138 Enver Motala Individual
139 Erica Shaddock Individual
140 Errol Van der Hoeven Individual
141 Eugene Daniels Individual
142 Evan Shoul Individual
143 Faheem Seedat Helen Joseph Hospital
144 Fahmida Mahomed Individual
145 Farida Patel Individual
146 Fatimah lambat Intensive care/Lenmed Akph – Home based ICU
147 Fazila Gandhi Individual
148 Fiona Geddes Individual
149 Francine de Clercq Wits School of Education
150 Frans Glanvill Individual
151 Frans Skosana Netcare Olivedale Hospital
152 Gareth Nobbs Individual
153 Gavin Millar Individual
154 Geoffrey Grantham Individual
155 George Booyens Individual
156 Geraldine Timothy Indiviual (Discovery employee)
157 Gili Moranduzzo Individual
158 Gita Naidu Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital
159 Glenmarie de Wet Ican Anaesthesia and critical care group
160 Glyn Morgan Individual
161 Gonas Moodley Individual
162 Gosiame Choabi South African Council of Churches Gauteng
163 Graham Gauntlett Individual
164 Graham, A Helen Jospeh Hospital WITS
165 Grant Newman Javan Fabrications
166 Greg Gilbert Individual
167 Gudani Mukoma Witwatersrand University
168 Gunvant Goolab Individual
169 Guy Harris Individual
170 Guy Richards University of the Witwatersrand
171 Hannchen Koornhof Individual
172 Heather Collins Individual
173 Helen Schneider University of the Western Cape
174 Hendrika Stotzel individual
175 Henko Van den Bergh ICAN Practice – Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre
176 Hermann Kluge Cintocare/Mediclinic/State
177 Herschelle Milford Individual
178 Hina Marais Individual
179 Holly Bird Wits emergency medicine
180 Howard Dembo Individual
181 Howard Radford Individual
182 Howard Varney Individual
183 Hugh Gosnell PHF
184 Ian France Methodist Church of SA
185 Ian McMahon Individual
186 Ilka Stein ForReal
187 ILRIG International Labour, Research & Information Group
188 Ina Botes Individual
189 Indira Govender Individual
190 Indrin pillay Individual
191 Inge Rall Individual
192 Ingrid Schoeman Individual
193 Ingrid Weideman Individual
194 Irna Senekal Individual
195 Isa-Lee Jacobson Individual
196 Isabel Goodman Individual
197 Isobel Douglas – Jones Individual
198 J Davies Individual
199 Jackie Dugard Individual
200 Jaco van der Walt Individual
201 Jacqui Brown Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital
202 James Bernstein Individual
203 James Fulton Milpark Hospital
204 James van Duuren Peoples Health Movement
205 Jane Harries Individual
206 Jane Rosenthal Individual
207 Janet hapgood UCT
208 Janie v d Berg Individual
209 Janine Blignaut Individual
210 Janneke Weidema Individual
211 Jared Sacks Columbia University
212 Jay Pather Individual
213 Jayne Beaumont Individual
214 JD Janse van Rensburg Individual
215 Jeannine Bednar-Giyose Individual
216 Jedd Hart Wits university, Thelle Mogoerane hospital
217 Jeff Rudin Alternative Information Development Centre (AIDC)
218 Jennifer Ann Emmett Individual
219 Jennifer Bolton Individual
220 Jennifer Rogers Individual
221 Jeremy Knowles Individual
222 JEROME GLUCKMAN Individual
223 Jerry steeneveldt Individual
224 Jess blignaut Individual
225 Jessica Rensburg Individual
226 Jill Bradbury Individual
227 Jill Wacher Individual
228 Joana Woods Ezintsha
229 Joanie Fredericks Tafelsig Mitchells Plain CAN
230 Johan Engelbrecht Individual
231 Johann Brits Individual
232 Johann D. Kluge Private Practice Surgeon
233 John Blignaut Individual
234 John Gear Individual
235 John Samuel Individual
236 Juanita Dorrington Individual
237 Judith Favish UCT
238 Julian Ribeiro Individual
239 Julie Dyer Individual
240 June Lombard individual
241 June Lombard Individual
242 Justin Harris individual
243 Kamla Lalbahadur Individual
244 Karen Gailey Individual
245 Karin Richter Lancet Laboratories
246 Kashief Harris Individual
247 Katherine Levy Individual
248 Katy Harrison Individual
249 Keith Carter Individual
250 Keith Ferguson Individual
251 Kelly Gillespie UWC
252 Kelly-Eve Koopman Individual
253 Kobie Pio DMO oncology
254 Krishenduth Maharaj Individual
255 Lameze Abrahams Individual
256 Lana Cronje Individual
257 Laurinda Sumares Individual (Market Access Consultant-Pharma)
258 Leah marais Individual
259 Leanne Brady Salt River CAN, Cape Town Together
260 Lebogang Mokwena New School for Social Research
261 Leeann Hurling Individual
262 Lenny Naidoo City of Cape Town
263 Leon Smith Individual
264 Leonie Joubert Independent Writer & Researcher
265 Lesley Deysel Individual
266 Lesley Robertson University of the Witwatersrand
267 Liana Engelbrecht Cintocare
268 Linda Gilbert Individual
269 Linda Van Staden Individual
270 Lindy Leone Individual
271 Linesh Redhi Individual
272 Lisa Treffry-Goatley Individual
273 Lizelle Oosthuizen Individual
274 Lizl Smith Life Groenkloof hospital
275 Lo-ammi Truter Individual
276 Logan Fleur Individual
277 Lorena Pasquini Individual
278 Louis Reynolds People’s Health Movement
279 Luann Hatane PATA
280 Lucien Beaumont Beaumont Adventures
281 Lyn Maxwell Individual
282 Lynn Coleman Individual
283 Lynne Koen Individual
284 Mahomed Faruk Mahomed Individual
285 Maiphephi Mofokeng Thekganang Support Group
286 Makgoal Magwentshu Individual
287 Makhosini Nkosi Individual
288 Makitli Melida Mamabolo Gauteng Department of Health
289 Mandlenkosi Ndlovu Individual
290 Marc Larkin Individual
291 Mareli Korostenski-Davies Individual
292 Margaret Dugmore Individual
293 Margaret Hoby Botha Individual
294 Margaret Patricia Adams Individual
295 Marguerite King Thandanani Centre BOC Serviced
296 Marguerite Rootman Individual
297 Mariam Mayet African Centre for Biodiversity
298 Marianne Gorvalla Individual
299 Marije Versteeg – Mojanaga Individual
300 Marijke du Toit Individual
301 Marina Rifkin University of California San Francisco
302 Marius Stander Individual
303 Mark Ampah Individual
304 Mark Heywood Maverick Citizen
305 Mark Neethling Individual
306 Mark Van der Wal Individual
307 Marlene Smith Individual
308 Marli Janse van Rensburg WITS / Gauteng DOH
309 Marlice van Dyk Netcare Unitas Hospital
310 Marlise Richter Individual
311 Marobe Jonathan Individual
312 Martin Jansen Workers’ World Media Productions
313 Mary-Ann Davies University of Cape Town Centre for Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Research
314 Mary-Anne Potts Individual
315 Maryna van Niekerk Individual
316 Matlawene Mpe Individual
317 Matokgo Makutoane Individual
318 Matthew Sampson Individual
319 Maureen Mosselson Individual
320 Mavuso Msimang Individual
321 Maya Sutherland Individual
322 Maylene Shung King School of Public Health and Family Medicine, University of Cape Town
323 Megan Bybee Individual
324 Melany Bendix Individual
325 Melissa Hoole Individual
326 Merna Wells Individual
327 Mervyn King Individual
328 Meryl Griffiths Individual
329 Michael Israel Individual
330 Michael Koen Individual
331 Michael Pithey Individual
332 Michele Zuckerman Individual
333 Micheline Logan Individual
334 Michelle Kuttel University of Cape Town
335 Michelle Pentecost Wits
336 Michelle Robinson Individual
337 Mikael Garcia Individual
338 Mike Green Individual
339 Mike Kempster Individual
340 Milton Shain Individual
341 Miriam Di Paola SRWP
342 Mocke Jansen van Veuren Individual
343 Mohammed Tikly Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital
344 Morag Swanepoel Individual
345 Mosebatho Mahasela Sedibeng
346 mthandazo ndlovu hlahla Oxfam South Africa
347 Muhammad Chohan Individual
348 Mukesh Singh Individual
349 Murray Ingram Individual
350 Muzi Ntuli Ubunye bamahostela(NPO)
351 Mzukisi Grootboom Individual
352 Najwa Norodien-Fataar Individual
353 Nakita Duff Individual
354 Nakita Pluymers Individual
355 Naledi Gouws Individual
356 Naomi Hill Individual
357 Natalie Martyn SA HIV Clinicians Society
358 Neels Nothnagel Private Practice
359 Neels Theron Individual
360 Neil Coleman Institute for Economic Justice
361 Nela Van Straten Individual
362 Nick Hart Individual
363 Nick Jacobs Individual
364 Nicola van Schaik Noordhoek & Fishhoek CAN
365 Niel Booysen Individual
366 Nigel Gilbert Individual
367 Nikhail Singh individual
368 Nishi hatiz Individual
369 Nizamuddin Cader General Practice
370 Noncedo Madubedube Individual
371 Noor Nieftagodien Individual
372 Norton Tennille SAEP-USA
373 O’Donovan Jacqueline Individual
374 Oliver Smith CMJAH
375 Olufemi Omole University of the Witwatersrand
376 Owen van Niekerk Individual
377 Pam Paton-Mills Individual
378 Pamela Groenewald SAMRC
379 Pamela silwana Gugulethu CAN
380 Pamela Standrr Individual
381 Parvern Chetty Individual
382 Patricia O’Brien Individual
383 Patti Apolles Individual
384 Paul Crawford Individual
385 Paul Currie Individual
386 Paul Martin Film industry
387 Peggy Pillay Individual
388 Peter Corbett Individual
389 Peter Ford Individual
390 Peter le roux individual
391 Peter O’Farrell Healthcare
392 Petro Bosman Individual
393 Phillip Israelsohn Individual
394 Phillip Nyalungu Makhanda Waste Pickers’ Movement (MWPM)
395 Pierre Dane Western Cape Department of Health
396 Pieter Wessels Individual
397 Portia Kleinsmidt Individual
398 Priyesh Kassiram Individual
399 Prof Aslam Fataar Stellenbosch University
400 Prof B D Goolab University of Witwatersrand
401 Prof. Kate Alexander South African Research Chair in Social Change
402 Raazik Gani University of the Witwatersrand
403 Rajiv Narsing Individual
404 Ralph Stuurman RH Stuurman and Co
405 Ramon da Silva Individual
406 Rasigan Maharajh Institute for Economic Research on Innovation
407 Ray Billa Individual
408 Raymond Fru Individual
409 Raymond Suttner Nelson Mandela University (temporary)
410 Razia Morad-Khan Individual
411 Rebecca Gray University of Cape Town
412 Reena & Ramesh Jivan Individuals
413 Rehad Desai C19 Peoples’ Coalition – Gauteng
414 Rema Mathew Frère Hospital East London
415 Renato Moranduzzo Individual
416 Renier Coetzee University of the Western Cape
417 Retha Ferguson Individual
418 Rhoda Malgas Individual
419 Richard Siebert Individual
420 Richard Tuft Radiological Society of South Africa
421 Ridwaan syed Individual
422 Riyaaz Ismail People Against Apartheid & Fascism
423 Roanne Ray Individual
424 Rob Mills Individual
425 Rob Prophet Individual
426 Robin Green Individual
427 Roland Edgar Mhlanga Individual
428 Ron Miller UKZN
429 Ronnie Kasrils Palestine BDS Coalition
430 Ronnie Sukdeo Individual
431 Russel du Toit Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital
432 Ruth Dawson Individual
433 Ruth Friedmann Individual
434 Ruvandhi Nathavitharana TB Proof
435 Ryan Teeling Individual
436 Saajidha Sader UKZN
437 Sally Morgan Individual
438 Sandra Kneubuhler Individual
439 Sandy Hill Individual
440 Sandy Shepherd Individual
441 Sanushka Naidoo Individual
442 Sarel Botha Cintocare Hospital
443 Sean Botha Individual
444 Seen Seedat Individual
445 Sello Lediga Patriotic Movement SA
446 Senthamarai Mangalparsad Individual
447 Shabbir RASOOL Individual
448 Shahed Omar Chris Hani Baragwanath ICU
449 Shannon Quick Individual
450 Sharon Goldburgh Individual
451 Sheenagh Levy Individual
452 Sheila Tyeku Individual
453 Shelley Angelil Individual
454 Sidney Luckett Individual capacity
455 Siebert Wiid Individual
456 Simon Isaacs Individual (Eastern Cape Department of Health)
457 Simon Rosen Individual
458 Simon Tippett Individual
459 Simone Honikman UCT
460 Solveig Piper Individual
461 Soraya Seedat Stellenbosch University
462 Stacy-Lee Petersen Heartfm
463 Stan Garrun Individual
464 Stephen Coetzee Individual
465 Steve Koch Individual
466 Stuart Bishop Individual
467 Success Mataitsane NUPSAW
468 Sudesh Sheodass Individual
469 Sue Fawcus individual
470 Sue Forbes Individual
471 Sumaiyah Docrat University of Cape Town
472 Sumaya Mall Wits University
473 Sunny Morgan Individual
474 Suraya Scheba University of Cape Town
475 Susan Brokensha Individual
476 Suzanna Harvey Advocates Six
477 T Hansen Individual
478 Tasneem Essop Individual
479 Tauriq Jenkins Anti Repression WG C19 People’s Coalition
480 Tersia Booyzen Individual
481 Tessa Burnard Individual
482 Tessa Korda Individual
483 Tessa Pintusewitz Individual
484 Thabo Msibi Individual
485 Thomas Bosman Individual
486 Thomas Fowler Individual
487 Thuthula Balfour Individual
488 Tiernan Shields Individual
489 Tim Doiglas-Jones Individual
490 Tim Wilson Individual member of ANC
491 TN Xaba Individual
492 Tony Chase Individual
493 Tracy Derbyshire Individual
494 Tracy Potgieter Individual
495 Trevor Sacks Individual
496 Trish Graaf Individual
497 Tshiamo Malatji Individual
498 Tyronne McCrindle Individual
499 Ulrike Hill Individual
500 Undine Du Plessis Individual
501 Vanessa Burger Individual
502 Vanessa Japtha Western Cape Forum for Intellectual Disability
503 Vanessa Nelson Hope for the Future NPO
504 Vaughan Spooner Individual
505 Verena Maria Ballhausen Individual
506 Vicki Cliff Individual
507 Victoria Geddes Individual
508 Videshni Singh Individual
509 Vinay Rajah Individual
510 Vivien Chaplin Individual
511 Washiela Fish Individual
512 Wayne Gray Individual
513 Wendy Adendorff Individual
514 Wendy Burgers UCT
515 Willem Stassen University of Cape Town
516 Willem van Krimpen individual
517 Wolfe Braude Emet Consulting
518 Yannick Butorano Just Cause Solutions (Pty) Ltd
519 Yvonne Ivey Individual
520 Zakhiya Rehman Individual
521 Zeid Baker Individual
522 Zinhle Ngcobo Coastal Resources Center
523 Zulfah Cloete WCED



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(3) The request for a waiver is available here:

< >


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