We are aware of how divisive funding can be in any organisation – more so in a Coalition of hundreds of organisations, many of them competing for limited funds. We also know that funding risks commodifying activism, creating perverse incentives, and could enable corruption and opportunism.

At the same time, we realise that some structures of the C19PC require financial resources to undertake their work.

We are  are committed to maintaining a high level of transparency regarding all funds raised and spent in the name of the C19 Peoples Coalition to mitigate against the risks that money poses to our internal democracy and our activism.

On this page you will find updated reports on:

  1. The projects we are resourcing and the organisations serving as Fiscal Hosts;
  2. Approved proposals & budgets;
  3. A record of all income secured;
  4. A record of reports to various donors

We will endvevor to ensure the  information below is as up-to-date as possible. Please contact covid19peoplesaction@gmail.com for more information. 


Projects & Fiscal Hosts*

C19PC is not a legal entity and cannot sign contracts or open a bank account – nor do we have the technical capacity to manage significant funds. We therefore enter into ‘Fiscal Host agreements’ with well established NGOs in the Coalition that share our objectives and have strong financial management capacity. These Fiscal Hosts raise funds based on budgets/proposals adopted by the relevant C19PC structure, oversee expenditure, and provide regular reports to the relevant C19PC structure, and ensure reporting to donors:

All Budget

The following budgets have been approved by various structures of the C19PC:

All Income

The following income as been secured:

All Reports

Here are reports we have submitted to various donors:



  1. A number of member organisations are committing significant human and other resources to the work of the C19PC.  Funds to cover the costs of the resources are not raised in the name of the C19PC and thus are not reflected in the records above.
  2. In the initial weeks of the Coalition, before formal systems were established, the C19PC Facilitation Team requested the Heinrich Boell Foundation to pay a number of expenses directly. These expenses where our first zoom account subscription, data for activists’ participation, and a month’s honorarium for secretariat support. See Facilitation Team minutes.
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