Media alert: C19 People’s Coalition online press conference

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Media alert: C19 People’s Coalition online press conference
Friday 17 April 12pm

Topic: Food riots, social insecurity and our health system
– a way forward

The C19 People’s Coalition is an emerging civil society collective. It represents community structures, trade unions, informal workers’ organisations, civic organisations, social movements, rural groupings, national and provincial NGOs across all social sectors, frontline responders such as community health workers and shelters, migrants and refugee organisations, public interest law firms and faith based organisations. To date our Programme of Action has been endorsed by over 250 organisations and seeks to ensure that South Africa’s response to the Covid-19 crisis is one that is rooted in social justice, democratic principles, and recognises our duty to prioritise those who are most vulnerable – who face the pandemic with hunger, weakened immune systems and poor access to housing, health care and social safety nets.

Our first press conference will outline our responses to a number of alarming and urgent issues that have developed over the last few days. These will include:

  • The widespread failure of State-led efforts to get food delivered to homes;

  • Township economies and the spreading of food riots;

  • The question of the doubling of the Child Support Grant;

  • Problems with Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) payments; 

  • Failure to provide social safety networks for those in the informal sector; and

  • The readiness of the health system to deal with testing and care for the critically ill.

Journalists are invited to join the press conference via this Zoom link below:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 769 7287 3942

Password: c19pc

For more information, contact:

Mark Weinberg, Working Groups Convenor

072 724 9601

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