Media Statement: Workers, communities unite in protest against government’s COVID-19 response

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31 July 2020
For Immediate Release

This Saturday, the 1st of August 2020, the C-19 Peoples Coalition calls on media, civil society and all South Africans to support a National Day of Working Class Action in protest against government’s inadequate response to the global coronavirus pandemic.

The protest – at which the highest level of social distancing and health measures will be implemented – will see workers and communities take to the streets to demand a response from government regarding its failure to uphold the freedom and safety of all its citizens.

This freedom has been violated by government’s failure to deal with the increased hunger and poverty caused by the ongoing national lockdown; its failure reliably to pay the grants and UIF; its failure to put a stop to ongoing evictions taking place illegally during lockdown; its failure to stop abuses by law enforcement during the lockdown period; and its failure to provide South Africa’s communities with adequate protection from the virus.

The government has abandoned us and tells us we are on our own – but it tries to persuade us that “we are all in this together”.  It has discussions with business and experts and the IMF – but above all government fails to come to us and listen to us.

We demand that government come to us, listen to our ideas, and cooperate with us in defeating hunger, increasing security, stopping violence and limiting the effects of the virus.

For updates on the protest during the day please follow the hashtag #C19MassAction.

 Where: Gauteng Legislature and other locations across the country

When: August 1

Time: From 10am

Issued by the C-19 People’s Coalition

For comment please contact:

Rehad Desai – 083 997 9204

Mametlwe Sebei – 081 368 0706

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