(Online) People’s Assembly: Proposals from Food and Economic Working Groups

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C19 People’s Coalition:

(Online) People’s Assembly, 21 April 2020: Food, Grants & the Economy


The objective of this Assembly was to provide a platform for the movements and progressive forces to highlight the dire reality facing the majority of people living in South Africa; what experiences on the ground tell us; to hear and amplify the proposals the Coalition’s Working Groups are calling for and get a first responses from the wider Coalition and public in general.


This first (Online) People’s Assembly was hosted and convened by the Economics and Food Working Groups:


Links to Proposals:

Food Working Group

  1. Informal food system: traders, vendors & spazas

  2.  The Right to Food 

  3.  The Role of Food Corporates

  4. Food Producers: Small-scale farmers, fishers & farm workers


Economists Working Group

  1. Social Grants

  2. Monetary Policy

  3. Fiscal Policy

  4. Industrial Policy


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