C19PC People’s Assembly! Tuesday 21 April

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C19 (Online) People’s Assembly
Tuesday 21 April, 2-5pm

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We have now completed the first phase of the lockdown in South Africa. The full scale of the health impacts is yet to be experienced, where some experts predict that the peak of the outbreak will only be in September.

Nonetheless, the lack of socio-economic support is already evident, despite the fact that different parts of civil society have started some initiatives. Hunger rebellions have started as the working poor fear dying of starvation more than they fear the coronavirus.

Strong, coordinated, united and mass-based action, is required to ensure that the most vulnerable in the country survive both the health and socio-economic impacts.

On 21 April, the C19 Coalition will host the first (in a series) of online People’s Assemblies. It will encompass the following key areas:

  • The effects of the lockdown on communities and movements;
  • Proposals and demands by movements and Working Groups, for Covid-19 and beyond;
  • Building an actionable consensus and the way forward

The objective of these Assemblies is to provide a platform for movements and progressive forces to highlight the dire socio-economic reality facing the majority of South Africans; what alternatives exist; what can people’s organisations do in the crisis and how do we organise around key demands.

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