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Created through great collaborative efforts, we are proud to exhibit and freely offer the “Train the Trainer” Manual for Covid 19 Vaccine Literacy here.

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People’s Health Movement SA Info Summary Posters

Purpose of Train the Trainer Manual

“Against a backdrop where myths and misinformation about vaccines against Covid-19 and immunisation programmes more generally are widespread, this manual aims to put public health messaging first. In this manual, we dispel common fictions and fears about the Covid-19 vaccine.”

Who Is It For?
“For public health messaging to be effective, it needs to be communicated at every level of society. We have designed this manual to assist activists who work with grassroots organisations to support other national campaigns and high level messaging about vaccine literacy. This manual is written broadly for activists and community members looking to enhance their knowledge about vaccines. More specifically, this manual is designed for activist ‘trainers’ who can run workshops in their communities and support vaccine literacy campaigns. Activists will be training other activists and community members to combat myths and misinformation about vaccines. This manual is based on scientifically accurate evidence that was up-to-date in February 2021. Updated information will be added periodically as more information becomes available.”

This achievement made possible through the contributions and efforts of:
People’s Health Movement (PHM-SA)
The C19 People’s Coalition Health Working Group and People’s Vaccine Campaign Popular Education Working Group
Astrid von Kotze
Workers’ World Media Productions (WWMP)
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
Health Justice Initiative
Section 27
*With special mention to Section 27’s Julia Chaskalson for their amazing editorial efforts.

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