Hello C19PC Activist!

Here are some resources to support your induction & participation in the C19PC. Please contact your Working Group Convenor/s to get access to information specific to your group’s communication platforms, minutes of meetings, and other documentation.

Guidelines to on-line conduct:

  1.  Lay down your weapons – all the views expressed are likely held by many others in society & are therefore NB to acknowledge. We are all learning & unlearning
  2. Do no harm – think before you speak/write ‘would it be hurtful if said to me?’
  3. Be conscious of your race/gender/class privilege & power
  4. Be transparent with information & decision-making
  5. Give trigger warnings for violent content
  6. Try not post something that has already been posted.

Useful links:

Here are some resources to enable your active participation as well as our transparency, accountability and inclusivity. For your induction, please take some time to familiarise yourself with the various Activist Guides:

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